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Cloud Security Certification

Updated: Nov 7, 2023


The urgency for cloud security professionals worldwide is unrelenting. Even as cloud technology advances, bad actors are becoming more sophisticated. There’s always a need for new solutions to mitigate cyberattacks. Adding to the challenges for organizations short on cloud security talent, international regulators are constantly raising the bar for operating securely in the cloud. Keeping up with this perpetual change requires continuous learning. Cybersecurity professionals must take the time to stay up-to-date in order to succeed, and that includes cloud security. For those just entering the field or seriously considering it, investing in learning is a strategic way to start the journey. Where you’ll find the opportunities Today, the cloud is more prevalent than ever. More than 90% of organizations use cloud-based services, and 98% store data in the cloud. This alone makes cloud security a leading priority, positioning professionals in the sector in high demand. However, because demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing so fast, many organizations are dealing with talent shortages on their cloud security teams. In addition, evolving employee expectations have led to an unprecedented global labor shift. Cyber professionals are moving on for better pay, added flexibility and more support from new employers, leaving gaps in their former cloud security teams. For organizations seeking to strengthen their security posture, this widening talent gap poses significant risks. Research shows the world needs an influx of 3.4 million more cybersecurity professionals to effectively protect organizations’ critical assets. Job listings requiring cloud security expertise remain open for 2.5 months on average, incentivizing employers to offer more competitive compensation packages to secure talent. Today, skilled cloud security professionals can take their pick of jobs across sectors that include entertainment, healthcare and sports, or anywhere their interests take them. It’s a buyer’s market for cloud security professionals with the right skill sets. That makes it more important than ever to start a journey of continuous learning that positions you as a top candidate when you’re ready to make a move. Why lifelong learning leads to long-term success In a field defined by constant change, cloud security professionals must find ways to continually refine their knowledge and skills to stay ahead of new cyberthreats. They have to think about security in the context of new technologies and emerging attack vectors. A mindset of continual learning is crucial to not only address these changes but also stay adaptable in the face of disruptions. Successful cloud security professionals demonstrate an attitude of constant learning and are active in lobbying for the quality professional development opportunities they’re able to access through their employer. Organizations have to invest in their cloud security talent and provide them access to an in-depth and extensive re-skilling experience. One proven way to build a solid base of relevant information and skills in the cloud security space is through training and certification. How CCSP can help (ISC)² Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification demonstrates that you have the advanced vendor-neutral knowledge and technical skills to design, manage and secure data, applications and infrastructure in any cloud environment. If you already hold a vendor-specific certification, CCSP builds the end-to-end foundational knowledge needed for effective cloud security. It extends your skills and allows you to apply your security expertise to multiple cloud environments. Learn more about the opportunities for cloud security professionals in the white paper, Reach Higher in Your Career with Cloud Security.

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